【To those who support my activities】& JPY1,000YEN subscription!for Patron.


To those who support my activities♪

My name is Yuki Kojima.
I am a musician in Japan.
I play 「Galician Bagpipe」「Tin Whistle」「Diatonic Accordion」and more…
and「Street Organ」

Please support me
Your support will be of great help.

【There are two ways to support.】

1.)Subscribe to my youtube channel.(Sharing videos on facebook etc. will also help.)

2.)JPY 1000YEN subscription.for Patron

Please subscribe to the Youtube channel.

I upload a video of the performance on Youtube.
I have 3 channels
If you haven’t subscribed to the channel yet, please.

1.)「Celtic Channel」


I am aiming to subscribe to 1000 people.
On this channel, we upload Celtic instrument performances, concert videos, and more.

2.)「Street Organ Channel」


On this channel, we are uploading a performance video of a street organ.
I also made a video of how to make a Musicbook.

3.)「My favorite & hobby Channel」


This channel introduces what I am interested in.

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There is also a way to support with a monthly fee of JPY 1000YEN.
The money will be used to make new music, make videos, and buy new equipment.
If you can afford it, please help me.

Currently, there are no special gifts for those who have supported me. sorry.
In the future, I plan to give away a special video link.
(Performance videos of my concert, etc.)
Now, I would like to thank all those who registered.

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